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Ananyeva E.G. What do cats do? (illustration N. Kukharskaya), p. 28, year 2017


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What does not happen when there are pets in the house! Take a closer look at these cats!
From an early age, children love to look at animals, play with them and are ready to receive knowledge on this topic.

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Take advantage of this! This book is not only for reading, but also for examining, solving and retelling. Ask your child to find cats and cats in funny drawings, determine their character and mood, name or count certain elements united by one sign, for example, color.
.Create together a story about what is happening in the picture, why cats behave this way and not otherwise. The book also has fun tasks.
. The little one will learn a lot in play and in action, and this kind of training is the most effective! You will notice how your child’s imagination and speech will improve, he will acquire the ability to creatively solve problems.
. Read, play, look at funny pictures: seriously and for fun, for science and for fun.
For those who have already grown up and have managed to forget that the world is beautiful, funny and interesting, and for all children from two to a hundred years old – this book.

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