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KUMON Getting ready for school. Learning to color. KUMON, page 64, year 2016


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This workbook is designed to prepare your child for school and teach him to confidently hold a pencil in his hand, accurately paint the elements of pictures and select colors. After completing all the exercises in this book, the child will be ready to master writing, because his fingers will remember the correct position in which to hold the pencil. In addition, drawing daily will help develop creative thinking.

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How are the tasks in the notebook structured?

All KUMON manuals use the principle “from simple to complex”. In this notebook, the child will first draw scribbles, then, having selected the desired pencil, paint over a white area of ​​a simple geometric shape in the picture. Gradually, the number of areas for coloring will increase, and their shape will become more complex. In the last tasks, the child must choose the pencils for coloring himself.
All tasks in the notebook are aimed at introducing the child to flowers, developing fine motor skills and artistic taste.
What should an adult do?

Show the child, by checking the photographs in the book, how to properly hold a colored pencil.
Determine how much exercise your child will do per day. For example, one exercise (two pages) or two exercises (four pages).
After completing the assignment, praise the child. As a special reward, write the words “well done”, “excellent” on the sheet, or stick a sticker.
Who is this notebook for?

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