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KUMON First steps. Let’s glue! Funny stories, page 72, year 2019


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Children whose potential develops with KUMON are ahead of their peers in the speed of mastering skills, become attentive, disciplined and diligent.

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A collection of exercises, by completing which the child will learn to glue details of different sizes and shapes on the picture. The tasks in the notebook are structured according to the principle “from simple to difficult”. First, the kid will stick the stickers as he wants, then he will learn how to stick them to areas of a certain shape, after which he will move on to work with glue. Completing assignments will help your child develop fine motor skills, a sense of color, spatial thinking and creativity. How to study with a notebook Study with workbooks five days a week. Each assignment takes about twenty minutes to complete. The child should not get tired of classes, then he will study regularly and with great interest! Tips for parents To make it easier for the child, cut out a picture from the sheet with the task. You can help your baby by separating the stickers for the first exercises for him from the sheet and cutting out individual parts in the applique assignments. Remember, the main thing is to have fun together. Remember to praise your child after completing each assignment. Don’t skip the Parenting sections as we provide tips to help your child complete the assignments. Determine how many tasks your child will do per day. Finish classes before your baby gets tired. For whom this notebook is intended The notebook is intended for lessons with children 2-4 years old. It can be used by teachers in kindergartens, clubs and development centers, as well as by parents to work at home. What is KUMON? KUMON is a one-to-one learning method for 4 million children in 49 countries. Each notebook becomes a step in the development of a particular skill and is designed for several weeks. The child independently copes with game tasks, which are gradually becoming more difficult, which helps to believe in himself.

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