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Where does the food come from?


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An unexpected look at the foods we eat every day.

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We are all different: some eat little, others a lot, some like vegetables, and some can’t live without meat – but everyone goes to supermarkets, stores, or markets for his favorite food.

And where does this food come from?

Julia Dürr’s book tells about the long journey that food goes through before ending up on our table: how our food is sown, grown, harvested, baked, sorted, packaged, and transported. Bright and vivid illustrations will help you understand how large and small food businesses work, what the difference between farm milk and factory milk, and how much labor it takes to get a tomato or an apple on the counter. After reading this book, you will take a new look at the contents of your plate!

Who is this book for?
This book will be of interest to children ages 5-7. And for parents, it is sure to help them find answers to many different children’s “why’s.

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