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How the little can help the big planet


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Eight Simple Steps to Take Care of the Planet

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Airplanes, vaccines for deadly diseases, the Internet – this is a small list of human achievements. But progress has not only positive side. Its sad consequences: deforestation, polluted atmosphere, animals killed by plastic. The creators of the book are convinced that people can solve environmental problems if they take care of their planet. The book tells us what to do and how each of us can take responsibility for the planet into our own hands.

The reader will learn about 8 simple steps that even a young child can take. There is no need to give up all the benefits of civilization, it’s enough to give up the extra. Together we can solve global environmental problems.

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A benevolent book about environmental problems: the authors do not look for who is to blame, but tell us what to do.

Simple advice will be within the power of anyone, including a child.

The book will help introduce eco habits into your life without stress. (Tested on myself! The editor, after reading the manuscript, started sorting the garbage – a small step, but very important).

It will be useful not only for children, but also for adults who do not know where to start their eco-path.

The game “Ecoloto” will tell you how to replace disposable things with reusable ones.

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