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Pictures are halves. Pets, page 26, year 2019


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In the book you will find bright and kind images of 12 animals on a monochromatic background, supplemented by cheerful poems by Yevgeny Sosnovsky, which describe the characteristic appearance of the animal (horns, tails, ears, etc.), features of their behavior, as well as the sounds they emit …

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Thanks to the design of the book, 144 animals can be folded from two halves of the picture, and on the left, its funny name and description in verse will be formed. Classes with this book develop imagination, speech, attention, thinking, hearing and improve mood! After all, collecting animals is so much fun both with parents and on your own. In the series, the most basic animals are selected according to three themes: wild, domestic and forest. Thick pages with rounded edges and a special protective coating are safe for the baby, the cardboard does not peel, so the book will last a very long time.

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